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i like this sounds very bouncy and happy would work well in a platformer game :D


Just threw it together in FL studio. Glad you liked it.

really love this one dude the calming chords and all the little drum fills and effects make it really catchy and i love the wierdness later on :D

JuneNeverhood responds:

Thank you very very much!!! haha yes the weirdness came out of nowhere!

The mixing and choice of synths and drums sounds good but the song for me at least gets pretty old fast. Since its the same part over and over for the most part, try changing the progression up a bit more.

all the notes sound in key but the instrument choice and mixing are way off there is too much high end on alot of the synths which makes the song really sore on the ears. you should also try and create a theme with your different sounds instead of adding random ones that don't mix well together. It also sounds like some of the parts of the song are in way to high an octave try lowering them down as well its a start but youve got a lot of work to do on it before it can get better.

JustShawn responds:

I do agree with you, but I was in a rush to throw something together after getting that challenge. I think it turned out pretty well considering the how quickly i put it together. True, it could use quite a bit of work still, and its been a few years since I uploaded anything in general, but that's just a here-or-there situation.

Thanks for the constructive feedback :)

I remember you showing me this its one of your best colabs yet you and minotics did really good on this one the melody is sweet and the mixing.

AeronMusic responds:

Yep! Thanks dude! ^_^ I'm happy with it too!

Thats a nice bass I LIKE :D

AeronMusic responds:

Yeah idd! Thanks for the comment ^_^

very good sounds like the verse from boomin and bouncin

mrray06 responds:

well not da verse but da hook i used a little bit of it thanks for listening man i see u pay attention

very good man i love that hardstyle kick do you have any tips on how you get it so loud and punchy?

Smiley-Beat responds:

It's not me who did this kick but my friend :) He used ┬ÁTONIC to do it ;)

Really like this the dubstep part was pretty nice overall though this remix is great

AeronMusic responds:

Glad you like! :D Thanks!

im very impressed with this track everything is top notch. the vocals, creepy effects and haunting piano not to mention the drums. well done it envoked the feeling of the art piece.

Quarl responds:

Thank you!

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